Tom H's Christmas Songs

Merry Wrestling Everybody

(A tribute to Slade's Merry Xmas Everyone)

Are you looking at the poster on the wall
Telling you who's wrestling at the local hall
It could be someone famous
who you've seen on the telly
It could be Les Kellet or maybe Ed Capelli

So go to the wrestling
you will have some fun
Take granny and your sister 
and don't forget your mum.

If there are bad boys on the wrestling show
your granny will probably want to have a go
she'd like to handbag McManus
and Jackie Pallo too
And her language may turn the air a little blue.

So go to the wrestling
you will have some fun
take granny and your sister
and don't forget your mum.

No matter who is on the bill
the wrestlers will give all a thrill
It may be Big Bruno
or Kendo in his mask
But for entertainment what more could you ask

So go to the wrestling
you will have some fun
take granny and your sister
and don't forget your mum.


Merry Christmas Everybody


Long Time Ago

Long time ago in the UK we thought wrestling was here to stay,
But oh how sad we were when it went away.


Hark now hear that time bell ring doesn't it seem to say.
How much we regret the wrestling not being here today.

A butcher came from Budapest but didn't sell any meat,
But the mighty Kovacs quite easily, swept opponents off their feet.


An angel in white came along with an unenviable task,
To try and persuade a Doctor to remove his mask.

It was the Doctor who left the ring still a man of mystery,
while sadly it was the Angel who was consigned to history.


Going to the wrestling was always such a thrill 
Watching all those wrestlers delight us with their skill

Now I hope all Heritage members enjoy their Christmas day,
But please spare a thought for those gladiators who have passed along the way.

While Timekeepers watched Their Clocks

1. The timekeeper watched the clock that night, 
    the crowd all gathered round;
    Then when the wrestlers came into view , the crowd
    made a deafening sound
    made a deafening sound.

2. The "Dazzler" Joe Cornelius entered the ring 
     to resounding cheers.
     While his opponent the Zebra Kid was  
     met with boos and jeers
     met with boos and jeers

3   Now Tiny Carr the referee said let's 
     have a good clean bout.
     but both the wrestlers ignored the ref' 
     of that there is no doubt 
     of that there is no doubt.

4  Tiny Carr kept out of the way  not wanting
    to get hurt
     He also didn't want to get any blood 
     on his clean white shirt
     on his clean white shirt

5   Fortunately for Tiny Carr there was 
     no blood at all
     and the crowd were quite ecstatic when 
     when the Dazzler gained a fall
     when the Dazzler gained a fall

6   Then the Dazzler tried to lift this man 
      of colossal weight
      This foolish mistake unfortunately led
      to the Dazzlers fate
      to the Dazzlers fate.

7   Poor Joe lay on the floor 
     quite clearly in pain
     His back just wasn't strong enough and
     couldn't take the strain
     couldn't take the strain

8   Tiny signaled to end the bout the 
     timekeeper rang the bell
     The corner man came to the dazzlers aid the Dazzler
     didn't look to well
     didn't look to well

9   The crowd inside the hall were all sadly 
     filled with gloom
     But they still cheered the Dazzler as he was helped back
     to the dressing room
     to the dressing room.

10  Now this event may not have happened but the 
      characters are all real.
      Tiny Carr, Joe Cornelius and the Zebra Kid
      are remembered still
      are remembered still

The Wrestlers' Christmas Alphabet

C is for champion with a belt around his waist
H is for halls where the wrestling took place
R is for the referee, there to make sure rules were obeyed
I is for iron of which some wrestlers were made
S is for substitute who replaced wrestlers who were unwell
T is for the timekeeper who also rang the bell
M is for the MC who would announce the bout
A is for the ambulancemen who would carry the injured loser out
S is finally for the spectators who would holler and shout

C is for Charlie Scott who as "Bula" filled opponents with dread
H is for Harry Kendal who couldn't hear a word that was said
R is for Rikki Starr wrestling and ballet were his thing
I is for Ivor Barret who brought his shillelagh into the ring.
S is for Sky Hi Lee who was extremely tall
T is for Tony Charles the "Welsh Wizard" popular in every hall
M is for Masambula always up to the task
A is for Al Hayes who was an once an Angel who wore a mask
S is finally for Steve Logan a real tough guy from the past


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